A Client’s Guide

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Civil Law and the Civil Justice Process: A Client’s Guide
Learn the Law, Understand Your Lawyer and Prevail in Court 
  • Are you anxious about the potential expense of initiating or responding to a lawsuit and need help deciding how to understand the costs and benefits of suing or being sued? 
  • Are you confused about how to find, interview and hire a lawyer who is best suited to help you given the facts and circumstances of your specific case? 
  • Are you intimidated by the complexity of the civil legal system and worried that your lack of knowledge may result in losing your lawsuit? 
  •  Are you concerned about your role in a lawsuit and want to learn how you can contribute to winning your case? 

A Client’s Guide will reduce the stress of the legal process by empowering you with a framework for evaluating the business case of your lawsuit. 

A Client’s Guide will save you money simplifying the process of hiring the right lawyer, clarifying the process of evaluating the strength of your legal case and solidifying your critical thinking as you navigate through the legal process. 

A Client’s Guide will save time by increasing your knowledge of the legal system, informing your discussions with your lawyer and teaching you to think strategically about the best approach to winning your lawsuit. 

Learn the Law. Understand your Lawyer. Prevail in Court. 

Millions of people each year reach the conclusion that the only way the situation in which they find themselves will be resolved— the stressful, costly, and exasperating situation—is if they go to court. Alternatively, millions of other people each year find themselves named as defendants in a lawsuit—often an unexpected situation for which they’re unprepared—based on circumstances that are equally stressful, costly and exasperating. 

Regardless of whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant, if you find yourself settling a dispute within the confines of the civil justice system the sooner you understand the mechanics and nuances of the system, the more likely you are to have a successful outcome. A Client’s Guide is an invaluable resource for understanding the law and navigating the civil justice system. 


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