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“I guess the only time most people think about injustice is when it happens to them.”

~ Charles Bukowski, Ham on Rye

Matthew Madden

Matthew Madden is the author of Civil Law and the Civil Justice Process: A Client’s Guide and the founder of the Legal Literacy Project. His legal education and commitment to legal education, reform and advocacy are a result of his own experiences as a client in legal actions related to his father’s estate.

Matthew understands that litigation can be a daunting experience in the best of circumstances – though, in fairness, there’s never a “good time” to be involved in a lawsuit. A sense of helplessness and isolation can infect even the most self-sufficient and assured. To the uninitiated, the lack of information extends from the legal process itself to the motivations of the various interested parties. Litigation demands the precious resources of time and money without a clear understanding of the potential return on investment for either of those commodities or even an expectation to understand the facts and learn the truth—which is ultimately the outcome most desired by litigants.

Matthew wrote Civil Law and the Civil Justice Process: A Client’s Guide to share the lessons learned and the perspective gained from his own experience navigating the civil legal system. Any client new to the field of law is inherently operating without perfect and/or complete information despite the attempts of even the best and most communicative attorneys. The complexity of the legal system, the money required to participate in the process and the myriad of confusing and seemingly contradictory legal options available combine to place the legal novice at a significant disadvantage.

The goal of Civil Law and the Civil Justice Process: A Client’s Guide is to provide a foundation for individuals who suddenly have an urgent need to understand the law. Written from the perspective of a client – rather than a lawyer – for current and future legal clients, this book is designed to be a reference for individuals propelled into the world of litigation. It’s the information I wish I had when I started my legal education soon after my father’s death.

Matthew established the Legal Literacy Project as a way to raise awareness of the demand for legal aid services and assist legal aid organizations in their efforts to raise funds. The Legal Literacy Project partners with legal aid organizations and commercial legal service providers to fulfill this mission.

Matthew Madden is currently writing the next book in the Legal Literacy Project titled Financial Exploitation of the Elderly: A Family‘s Guide to the Nation’s Most Shameful Crime. He’s also writing a memoir about his family’s experiences related to the financial exploitation of his father. Matthew and his wife Karri reside in Newport, Rhode Island.

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The next title in the Legal Literacy Project series of books is the following:

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

A Family's Guide to the Nation's Most Shameful Crime

Recognize the Clues, Respond to the Threat & Protect Your Loved Ones